Welcome to the Radical Herbalism Gathering website

We have organised Radical Herbalism gatherings, both rurally and some city-based, for the past eight years. They’ve included a massive range of workshops to weave together herbal knowledge & medicine, and social justice politics & organising; from prison abolition workshops to practical medicine making sessions; from migrant solidarity information exchanges to wild foraging for medicinal plants. 

This website houses information about what radical herbalism is, an archive about the gatherings, and information about the growing network of radical herbalism that spans the UK (and beyond), including information about learning about herbal medicine, growing medicine, herbal websites & blogs, community health projects and more.

Our organising for gatherings is paused because of the current Coronavirus pandemic. But the network of us all remains strong, working with people and plants, to support health and social transformation. We have gathered together some Covid-19 information that we hope will be useful, which includes herbal practitioner responses, community health & collective care information, and health project responses. We hope it can be a collective resource, so please send us any other relevant information and we’ll upload it to share.

We want to acknowledge and respond to the fact that as a healthcare crisis, this situation has only further glaringly revealed the unbearable inequality and brutality of global colonial, capitalist systems that perpetuate deeply-embedded structural economic, gender, race and class-based imbalances, which is institutionalised as the social norm most places and profoundly in/by the global north. We have included some articles that highlight healthcare inequality and its repercussions in the UK, particularly around women and people of colour and people with fewer economic resources being disproportionately and more destructively affected by the pandemic at many levels.

Update June 2020: In response to the recent police brutality against black people in the UK and US, in the context of wider structural racism, we have gathered some racial justice resources together. These are about anti-racist organising in the UK, resources around BIPOC community organising, anti-racist work for white people, and education about racism in the UK context. We have included resources for those protesting.

We will be BACK planning gatherings and activities once we are able to come together again.

Wishing you all resilience, energy and love meantime,

The Radical Herbalism (UK) collective, April 2020.


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