We are aiming to make the gathering as accessible as possible. We recognise that accessibility is a crucial part of social justice, particularly at a time when disabled people are disproportionately affected by welfare cuts. Our aim is to think ahead about barriers to attending or enjoying the gathering, and do what we can to improve those things.

Wheelchair access –

The gathering takes place in fields around a house, so although we mow the grass, there can be uneven and bumpy ground on the site, and rainy weather could affect easy access across the fields for people with mobility issues. However wheelchair users who have come to the gathering previously have said the terrain was manageable.

As we are an unfunded DIY project, we aren’t able to provide tracking for the field at present. We will however be on hand to do whatever we can to problem-solve any access issues that come up over the weekend.

We have charging facilities for electric wheelchairs.

There are a couple of low steps into Crabapple house, which is used for showing films on the Friday night only. At the time of writing we are exploring solutions to providing wheelchair access to the house.

Toilet facilities, parking and accommodation –

The gathering is held within a fairly small area, and most people camp on site in tents or vans. We can help participants to find accessible accommodation nearby if needed.

If you are arriving by car and would like help getting your belongings from your car to the camping area, or need assistance putting up a tent, please let us know.

There is an accessible toilet next to the van camping area and close to the workshop marquees. Please get in touch if you wish to park your van near to the accessible toilet, and we will reserve a space nearby.

There are showers on site, and changing areas with a bench. The showers have a short step up of about 15cm to get into them, and there are privacy cubicles adjoining each shower.

Further general information about the site is on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Information for Deaf participants and people with hearing difficulties –

We are installing hearing loops this year.

We are also pleased to say that for the first time at the gathering, we will have experienced BSL signers in workshop sessions, and the opening and closing spaces.

If you use a BSL signer, it would be useful if you could let us know in advance if there are particular workshops you would like signed, so that we can coordinate which sessions signers cover, and they can prepare any specialist vocabulary.

Comfort breaks and spoken information –

We recognise that some of the workshops at the gathering can be packed full of information. This year we are aiming to have short comfort breaks during information-heavy workshops, so that participants can take a mental rest, stretch and refresh.

Please also feel able to ask any speakers to slow down, speak louder, or explain any unfamiliar ideas.

Printed information –

Weekend programmes are pinned up across the site, and we hope to print these on a variety of colours to assist readers experiencing visual stress. We will also aim to produce a large format programme with an easy to read font. If there is a particular format you require the programme to be in, please let us know before the gathering.

We have a book stall at the gathering and welcome any suggestions for radical literature to include. We would particularly like suggestions for material on disability rights and activism, and accessibility.

Further information –

As we are an unfunded DIY project there are financial limits to what we can do. However, amongst the collective and crew, we have a wide range of problem-solving, making, and support skills, and we are very open to ideas and suggestions. This is something we aim to develop more over future gatherings.

We think it’s likely there are things we currently don’t offer or haven’t considered, so please let us know if there is anything you feel we could do to make the gathering more accessible.

Contact us –

Contact Bec, Rasheeqa or any of the collective beforehand if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about accessibility, or speak to us over the weekend of the gathering.

Email us at: