Herbal practitioners’ responses to Covid-19

The list below is responses by herbalists that we trust and that we are finding particularly useful for treatment in a clinical setting. It is not exhaustive and we welcome more to upload.

The articles about Chinese herbal medicine are compiled from reports by hospitals in China who used traditional Chinese medicine as part of their Covid-19 treatment. There are more extensive lists of practitioner responses to Covid-19, particularly by the American Herbalists Guild (see below) and Herbalists without Borders (see section 2. Community & Collective Care).

The relevance of all of these specific responses changes and adapts with time as our understanding of the new disease changes, and of course interacts with our understanding as herbalists of the holistic nature of health, the immune system and the individual constitution when it comes to health outcome.

This page was last updated on 8th May 2020.

Herbs in Action: COVID and Beyond (US)
Free online summit Fri 8th May, classes on immunity and Covid-19. Erika Galentin, Maria Noel Groves, Phyllis Light, Larken Bunce and Thomas Easley.

‘Universal herbal approaches to Covid-19’ (UK)
John E. Smith’s protocol, from experienced teacher and practitioner, synthesising approaches from Chinese herbal medicine, Ayurveda and classical herbalism.

Melissa Ronaldson (UK)
Thoughtful info from experienced herbalist Melissa Ronaldson (Herbalists Without Borders – also offering solidarity herbal medicine to displaced people living in horrific conditions on the France-UK border with minimal health support)

Sensory Solutions (UK)
Loads of good info for whole health support and immune + respiratory health protection from Karen and Fi, the excellent Seed Sistas with all-round caring approaches to the situation

Cristina Cromer (UK)
Online event organised by NIMH (National Institute of Medical Herbalists) to support practitioners with protocols by experienced London herbalist Chrissy Cromer for supporting people you are working with. 23rd April, recording to be available afterwards.

American Herbalists Guild (US)
Great list of resources from the AHG including herbal perspectives on Covid-19, TCM perspectives, supporting emotional health, public health and even how to talk to kids about it.

COVID-19: An Integrative MDs Commonsense Approach by Aviva Romm (US) Aviva Romm is a herbalist, western doctor and has written extensively. She has also written this: COVID-19 Prevention: From Common sense to Natural Remedies (& Avoiding Nonsense!)

Practical science-based measures to maintain optimum health and resilience during this coronavirus (UK)
Simon Mills’ webinar discussing the role of inflammation with Covid 19 and plant medicine responses.

Todd Caldecott (Canada)
Background to the development and analysis of the virus and its spread, followed by useful treatment approaches from Ayurvedic perspectives, from experienced Ayurvedic herbal practitioner and teacher.

One Herbalist’s Thoughts on the Coronapocalypse by Thomas Easley (US)
Experienced herbalist and teacher from the USA. Really useful to understand the different stages that people are going through with this coronavirus and corresponding treatments that go with each stage.

A personal understanding and practical herbal protocol (UK)
Steve Kippax (UK) is an experienced British western and Chinese herbalist. He has written his basic protocol here.

COVID-19: An Herbalist’s Perspective (FB live replay or slide notes) by Guido Mase, Tammi Sweet, and Deb Soule (US)
In-depth exploration of the nature of the virus and discussion of integrative approaches with US practitioners

Herbal Treatment for Coronavirus Infections  (US)
Stephen Harrod Buhner (US) has written many books, particularly known for writing about Lymes treatment. This is a good summary of how Covid 19 affects the lungs and info/research about specific antiviral herbs. Also some herbs that protect the ACE2 cells that are affected by Covid19.

Medical Herbalism in the COVID-19 Pandemic (International)
Great Facebook group set up by one of our most experienced herbalists and teachers Paul Bergner. Lots of great information being shared here.

Expert Consensus Statement on the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection in Children collated from published papers from Chinese Drs by National University of Natural Medicine in China
Very good explanation of different stages seen in the illness and corresponding Chinese herbs used. This article is specific to children but the pattern is relevant as more general TCM approach.

How Covid 19 is being treated in China compiled by John Chen from reports Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China)
Interesting report from Hubei Hospital where Chinese Medicine Drs and bio medicine Drs collaborated. There are detailed explanations of the phases of the illness seen and treatments.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Protocols for Wuhan Pneumonia (China)
Shelley Ochs’ summary of TCM formulas used in China.

Report from the Front Line in Wuhan, By Liu Lihong, Institute for the Research and Preservation of Classical Chinese Medicine, Guanxi University of TCM (China)
Interesting perspective on pathology and treatment in a Wuhan hospital from Chinese medicine perspective.

How does coronavirus kill? Clinicians trace a ferocious rampage through the body, from brain to toes (Science Magazine)
This article is not a practitioner response but a very good summary of what is known about Covid-19 so far.

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