Protest resources

Legal support and advice from Green and Black Cross:

Key Advice when Going on a Protest

Coronavirus and Protest Law

Know Your Rights

Been Arrested?

Being Trans and Protesting


Liberty human rights: What If I’m Arrested?


Prentis Hemphill’s Street Somatics: Tips for Regulating Nervous Systems in Uprisings (US)

Self Care Tips for PREDURING and POST protest from Adrienne Maree Brown , Leah Lakshmi, Adaku Utah and Susan Rafo (US)

How to protest safely against racism during a pandemic (Dazed)


What can I do if I can’t attend the BLM protests? – UK action on June 8th

and Gal-Dem article What to do if you can’t protest on the streets for Black Lives Matter



Street medic workshop run by herbalist Sevensong (US): Free Herbal Street Medic Class (Zoom link) and handout he’s written for this. The workshop is happening 7pm Eastern US time Friday 5th June, midnight UK time and is being recorded to watch later. More info from 7song:

It will cover the basics of practicing as a street medic with an emphasis on herbal medicines. What is a ‘street medic’? It is someone who supports protesters and other participants during protests and events. The focus of this class is on practical treatment protocols and other important aspects of practicing as a street medic emphasizing useful herbal medicines and preparations in these situations. We will also discuss other important aspects of practicing as a street medic including other helpful supplies, taking care of oneself and other medics, setting up a clinic, and ways to prepare a first aid bag.’

Street Medic Bridge Training from Do No Harm Coalition

Herbal First Aid: Aftercare for All Who Have Experienced Police Violence: bumps, bruises & burns, chemical weapons exposure, taser, handcuff injuries, & trauma.


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