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Resources shared from/after workshops at the annual gatherings:


Dignity in dying and Self Autonomy at the end of life.

Further information about the legal aspects of assisted dying can be found here and here and the the details and link to the Advance Decision paperwork discussed in the workshop can be found here.

Trans Health and Trans competency for Health Practitioners.

We are delighted to share with you that Otter Lieffe will be offering further workshops, either online or in person on a similar theme of trans health and trans competency with the aim of helping trans people have better, safer access to healthcare, including complementary healthcare.  If you’d like to stay updated or arrange a workshop for your practice or collective, just drop me an email at or contact me through


White power, privilege and cultural appropriation

A guide to create anti racist spaces for white dominated social justice groups is here.  Other articles referenced in the workshop about race are here and here and one on cultural appropriation can be found here.

Health at any size.

Articles and blogs relative to the health at any size workshop are obesity time bomb, midwifery quest,  and the fat nutritionist.  The following books and articles  were also recommended in this workshop:

Bacon, L. and Aphramor, L. (2011) Weight Science: evaluating the evidence for a paradigm shift. in Nutrition Journal 10:9-22.

Nutrition in Pregnancy and Childbirth – Food For Thought. (2014) Edited by Lorna Davies and Ruth Deery.

Health at Every Size – The Surprising Truth About Youth Weight (2008). Linda Bacon PhD.

If you have any UK-based community herbal projects & resources or any other inspiring things to share please email info (at) .


General resources:

Health & social justice


Caliban and the Witch (pdf) by Silvia Federici – feminist analysis of the birth of capitalism and its oppression of the body in the transition from feudalism.

Sustainable growing & wildcrafting

Land rights and struggles

The Land for our food – a road movie produced by the Access to Land Partnership

Articles about Community & Radical Herbalism

  • Finding Common Ground: My year working at Common Ground Health Clinic, New Orleans by Becs Griffths, Published in Herbal Thymes NIMH Newsletter.
  •  Community Herbalism: Healthcare from the grassroots up – published in The Herbalist, Autumn/Winter 2011, by Nicole Vosper from Wild Heart Permaculture
  • Sustainable Healthcare. Working towards the Paradigm Shift – Alliance for Natural Health
  • Fireweed – a zine of grassroots radical herbalism & wild foods connecting with kids and family life
  • Chickweed – an anarcha-feminist zine about Herbalism


Inspiring Examples of Community Herbalism

Rhizome Community Herbal Clinic has been set up in Bristol to provide high quality herbal treatments on a sliding scale basis to the local community.

This is a clinic based in Algiers, New Orleans that was set up be activists and medics a week after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It is now an integrated health clinic with herbalists and medics working alongside each other to provide low cost health care to the predominantly uninsured.

  • Maypop Community Herb Shop

This is a herb shop set up in New Orleans by some wonderful herbalist friends Amy, Jen, Rachael and Wendy.

The Ithaca Free Clinic is a clinic in New York state which is open to all uninsured members of the community. There are volunteer doctors and acupuncturists as well as the herbal side run by the great herbalist 7 song. It was set up in the belief that access to health care is a right, and not a privilege.

  • Street Level Health Project, Oakland, California

This is a clinic in Oakland which offers free health screening to all low-wage workers who do not have health insurance. They offer conventional medical treatments as well as an afternoon a week of free herbal and nutritional consultations.

  • Compassion Club

The Compassion Club is based in Vancouver and  is a referral place for people to access medicinal marijuana. Our friend Jasmyn is the herbalist who was involved in setting up the Wellness Centre which is next door and was established to create a model of non-profit community-based health care.  They offer low cost herbal treatments amongst other therapies, all subsidized by the Compassion Club.

This is a community health centre in New York that has the most inspiring political focus of any community health project we have come across. Amongst many healthcare options they provide sliding scale individual herbal consultations, workshops and herb walks around Brooklyn.

  • Radical Herb Gatherings (no website)

These are gatherings held in North America combining social justice issues and herbal medicine. There are regional gatherings all around the US.

This network emerged from an the organizing collective that founded the Annual Grassroots Community Herbal Convergence, a gathering in the Northeast US which brings people together to discuss social justice and anti-oppression issues within herbalism. They now facilitate incredible health justice trainings which are cultural competency trainings geared towards herbalists, health care providers, and educators whose are involved in creating inclusive health care projects.

This is a free herbal walk-in clinic set up in 2008 by herbalists wanting to offer time, energy and training so that anyone, regardless of financial situation, can have access to herbal health care.

Goldthread Herb Farm is a Medicinal Herb Farm in the hills of Conway, Massachusetts. They run a  Herbal CSA  which provides an opportunity to collaborate with the growers of medicinal plants. When you purchase a share, it helps support the growing and processing of the herbs into medicines. In return, a buyer will receive a variety of herbs in exchange.


General Herbal Websites

This is a great website that emphasises the idea of grassroots community herbalism and is dedicated to providing a forum for people to discuss this and share knowledge and ideas.

In their own words ‘The Herbarium is the creation of a small, autonomous group of independent herbalists. We have come together in a spirit of cooperation, to share knowledge and resources, and to explore a different way of organising ourselves in this rapidly changing world’. The website provides a lot of information on practical things like how to get an alcohol license in the UK to make herbal tinctures, how to make tinctures and other preparations and a discussion forum on the politics of professionalisation and regulation of herbalists in the UK.

This is an amazing resource by the Finnish herbalist Henriette Kress. It has a search engine so you look up herbs, herb photos, ailments and various other related topics.

Phyllis is a southern Appalachian folk herbalist. Phyllis was taught by her Cherokee grandmother and has a huge wealth of knowledge that she is happy to share.

Rosemary lives at Sage Mountain in Vermont and is a wonderful herbalist. She has written various books and her website is full of information and resources.

The late Michael Moore is a legend in the North American herbal world. His website is a vast resource for his own unique work as well as many eclectic and physiomedicalist texts that he personally uploaded onto his site.

Matthew Wood has a depth of knowledge of plants that is extremely impressive. He website is full of information and he has written several books which we would recommend.

He is a herbalist based in Colorado. Having been to a couple of Paul Bergner’s workshop he is one of the most knowledgeable and insightful herbalists that we have been taught by. The website has many useful articles as well as back copies of Medical Herbalism, a journal that Paul edits. He has written extensively on the importance of vitalism in herbal medicine and insulin resistance.

7 song is a great herbalist in upstate New York who has masses of herbal first aid experience, is a knowledgeable wildcrafter and writes eloquently about community herbalism.

This is a really good website by Michigan herbalist with many articles and resources on the site.


Herbal Blogs

  • Herbal Root Zine

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