General Herbal Websites

  • Herbwifery

This is a great website that emphasises the idea of grassroots community herbalism and is dedicated to providing a forum for people to discuss this and share knowledge and ideas.

In their own words ‘The Herbarium is the creation of a small, autonomous group of independent herbalists. We have come together in a spirit of cooperation, to share knowledge and resources, and to explore a different way of organising ourselves in this rapidly changing world’. The website provides a lot of information on practical things like how to get an alcohol license in the UK to make herbal tinctures, how to make tinctures and other preparations and a discussion forum on the politics of professionalisation and regulation of herbalists in the UK.

This is an amazing resource by the Finnish herbalist Henriette Kress. It has a search engine so you look up herbs, herb photos, ailments and various other related topics.

Phyllis is a southern Appalachian folk herbalist. Phyllis was taught by her Cherokee grandmother and has a huge wealth of knowledge that she is happy to share.

Rosemary lives at Sage Mountain in Vermont and is a wonderful herbalist. She has written various books and her website is full of information and resources.

The late Michael Moore is a legend in the North American herbal world. His website is a vast resource for his own unique work as well as many eclectic and physiomedicalist texts that he personally uploaded onto his site.

Matthew Wood has a depth of knowledge of plants that is extremely impressive. He website is full of information and he has written several books which we would recommend.

He is a herbalist based in Colorado. Having been to a couple of Paul Bergner’s workshop he is one of the most knowledgeable and insightful herbalists that we have been taught by. The website has many useful articles as well as back copies of Medical Herbalism, a journal that Paul edits. He has written extensively on the importance of vitalism in herbal medicine and insulin resistance.

7 song is a great herbalist in upstate New York who has masses of herbal first aid experience, is a knowledgeable wildcrafter and writes eloquently about community herbalism.

This is a really good website by Michigan herbalist with many articles and resources on the site.