Articles highlighting healthcare inequality and its repercussions

Revealed: the extent of the mortality risk BAME nurses face from coronavirus (Nursing Standard, 2nd June 2020)

What Public Health England’s report on BAME deaths says – and what it doesn’t (New Statesman, 2nd June 2020)

By relaxing lockdown for shielders, the government is playing with people’s lives (The Guardian, 1st June 2020)

COVID-19 shows us that prison healthcare is in dire need of reform (London School of Economics, 1st June 2020)

As the pandemic continues to accelerate, so does the deforestation of the Amazon (Open Democracy, 1st June 2020)

Once Again, the Government is Using Disadvantaged Children to Pursue Harmful Policies (Novara Media, 31st May 2020)

Covid-19: ensuring equality of access to testing for ethnic minorities (British Medical Journal, 29th May 2020)

BAME People Are More Likely to Have Been Fined for Breaking Lockdown Across the Country, FOI Data Shows (Novara Media, 29th May 2020)

COVID-19: PPE harder to access for BAME nurses (Nursing Standard, 28th May 2020)

Coronavirus: its impact cannot be explained away through the prism of race (The Conversation, 28th May 2020)

LGBT+ workers in Wales and Covid-19 (TUC Wales, 28th May 2020)

A Migrant With No Recourse to Public Funds on Being Made Homeless During a Pandemic (Novara Media, 28th May 2020)

“My biggest concern is to get my antiretroviral medicines”: HIV and COVID-19 in Latin America (UNAIDS, 28th May 2020)

Lessons from lockdown: Sam Royston on families and welfare – podcast (Transforming Society, 28th May 2020)

home and safety (Lumpen blog, 28th May 2020)

Scientists urge governments to help coronavirus-impacted transgender communities (Midlands Zone, 26th May 2020)

How Covid-19 is affecting LGBTQIA+ young people in Scotland (LGBT Youth Scotland, 25th May 2020)

From at risk to as risk and back again: children and adolescents during COVID-19 (Tranforming Society, 25th May 2020)

Governments must ‘urgently’ act to provide trans healthcare during coronavirus, according to science (Pink News, 24th May 2020) 

Filth: Coronavirus Has Shown That Cleaners Are Essential, but Labelling Them ‘Low-Skilled’ Legitimises Exploitation (Novara Media, 23rd May 2020)

Covid-19: We are not “all in it together”- less privileged in society are suffering the brunt of the damage (British Medical Journal blog, 22nd May 2020)

COVID unemployment: the regional and age distinctions (Autonomy Think Tank, 21st May 2020)

Are intensive care triage protocols harming the disabled? (British Medical Journal blog, 21st May 2020)

Health care and mental health challenges for transgender individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic (The Lancet, 20th May 2020)

Defining Safe: Threats to Trans Healthcare Amplified During COVID-19 – podcast (The Daily Northwestern, 20th May 2020)

‘He should never have been discharged’: How Mental Health Patients Are Being Failed During Lockdown (Novara Media, 20th May 2020)

COVID-19: how can we protect BAME nurses during the crisis? (Nursing Standard, 19th May 2020)

New project to highlight impact of Coronavirus on LGBTQ+ community (University College London, 19th May 2020)

Coronavirus class divide – the jobs most at risk of contracting and dying from COVID-19 (The Conversation, 19th May 2020)

‘I feel that all the doors have been closed’: lockdowns are making life even harder for migrant survivors of sexual violence (The Conversation, 19th May 2020)

Injustice on the COVID-19 front line (Nursing Standard, 19th May 2020) 

How COVID-19 responses are endangering trans people in Latin America (The New Humanitarian, 19th May 2020)

Joint Statement on the Rights of Trans People in the UK (Liberty, Amnesty International UK and Human Rights Watch, 17th May 2020)

Coronavirus pandemic is making the LGBTI community more vulnerable, warns the UN (iNews, 17th May 2020)

Coronavirus: ‘I’m scared of being buried as the wrong gender’ (BBC News, 17th May 2020)

Stigma is not quarantined: The impact of COVID-19 on the LGBTI community (The World Bank, 15th May 2020)

Older LGBT+ people and COVID-19 (Leigh Day law firm blog, 15th May 2020)

“Huge loss to our community”: Mencap responds to NHS England data on the number of people with a learning disability who have died of COVID-19 in hospital (Mencap, 14th May 2020)

COVID-19: leading nurse demands details of learning disability deaths (Nursing Standard, 13th May 2020)

The Work of COVID: care work and care home mortality (Autonomy Think Tank, 13th May 2020)

Some care homes may not survive the pandemic (Nursing Standard, 13th May 2020)

LGBTQ People Have Become The New Scapegoats For The Coronavirus (Buzzfeed, 13th May 2020)

‘I am, because we are, we are because I am’: race and COVID-19 (Transforming Society, 12th May 2020)

‘Harvesting’ is a terrible word – but it’s what has happened in Britain’s care homes (The Guardian, 8th May 2020)

LGBTQ+ People Face Added Violence, Exclusion, Poverty During COVID-19 Pandemic: Report (Global Citizen, 8th May 2020)

Covid-19: The communication needs of D/deaf healthcare workers and patients are being forgotten (British Medical Journal blog, 7th May 2020)

Black people four times more likely to die from Covid-19, ONS finds (The Guardian, 7th May 2020)

Covid-19 is hitting communities in Ghana hard (British Medical Journal, 7th May 2020)

Covid-19: Health needs of sex workers are being sidelined, warn agencies (British Medical Journal, 7th May 2020)

Will COVID-19 be a watershed moment for health inequalities? (The Health Foundation, 7th May 2020)

Lockdowns have hit people without internet access the hardest (World Economic Forum, 7th May 2020)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) related deaths by ethnic group, England and Wales (Office for National Statistics, 7th May 2020)

The Government Is Unlawfully Detaining Vulnerable People in Removal Centres During a Pandemic (Novara Media, 7th May 2020)

Why are more people from BAME backgrounds dying from coronavirus? (BBC News, 7th May 2020)

How are LGBTQ+ people faring during the COVID-19 pandemic? (Discover Society, 7th May 2020)

COVID-19: A pandemic in the age of inequality (Voluntary Health Scotland, 7th May 2020)

Transgender people face discrimination, violence amid Latin American quarantines (Reuters, 6th May 2020)

Deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland (National Records of Scotland, 6th May, updated weekly)

Matt Hancock could face court action over the ‘illegal’ treatment of disabled people during lockdown (The Canary, 6th May 2020)

170 care workers call UK whistleblower helpline during Covid-19 crisis (The Guardian, 6th May 2020)

Calls for more money to tackle ‘health inequalities’ after Newham identified as having the highest Covid-19 death rate (Newham Recorder, 6th May 2020)

COVID-19 and Europe’s sexual and reproductive health rights (Open Democracy, 6th May 2020)

Economic inequality can help predict COVID-19 deaths in the US (London School of Economics, 6th May 2020)

The coronavirus is costing us more than just our health and economy (The Conversation, 6th May 2020)

Number of key workers getting Covid-19 overtakes positive tests in hospitals (The Guardian, 5th May 2020)

Younger female NHS workers may face greater risk of death from coronavirus (Health Service Journal, 5th May 2020)

Covid-19 ‘sheds light on health inequalities in North East’ (BBC News, 5th May 2020)

The COVID-19 domestic violence crisis in the UK is a decade in the making (Open Democracy, 5th May 2020)

Review into how factors like ethnicity and gender affect vulnerability to coronavirus (ITV News, 5th May 2020)

Coronavirus Is Going to Make Britain’s North-South Divide Even Worse (Vice, 5th May 2020)

Just 22% of carers needing a Covid-19 test can get one, research says (The Canary, 5th May 2020)

The COVID-19 response for vulnerable people in places affected by conflict and humanitarian crises (The Lancet, 4th May 2020)

Top economists warn the UK not to repeat austerity after the Covid-19 crisis (New Statesman, 4th May 2020)

Coronavirus: Scotland’s virus death ‘capital’ calls for support (BBC News, 4th May 2020)

Report highlights extent of UK’s race inequality, with Covid19 likely to worsen problem (University of Manchester, 4th May 2020)

Coronavirus in Rojava: Facing a Pandemic Without a State (Novara Media, 4th May 2020)

Mental health and COVID-19: change the conversation (The Lancet, 4th May 2020)

While the British media portrays Johnson as a hero, poor and BAME people are dying at alarming rates (The Canary, 3rd May 2020)

Coronavirus: Black African Brits dying at 3.5 times rate of white people, study finds (The Independent, 2nd May 2020)

Coronavirus death rates twice as high in more deprived areas, new figures show (The Independent, 2nd May 2020)

Prisons are “in no way equipped” to deal with COVID-19 (The Lancet, 2nd May 2020)

Coronavirus: Call for testing over ‘Covid wealth divide’ (BBC News, 2nd May 2020)

Calls for health funding to be prioritised as poor bear brunt of Covid-19 (The Guardian, 1st May 2020)

Stories From the Frontline: working as a domestic violence advocate (Autonomy Think Tank, 1st May 2020)

Higher coronavirus death rates in Wales’ poorest communities (Wales Online, 1st May 2020)

COVID-19 and racial capitalism in the UK: why race and class matter for understanding the coronavirus pandemic (Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, 1st May 2020)

Poor Neighbourhoods in Wales and England Have Double the COVID-19 Death Rate as Wealthy Areas (Global Citizen, 1st May 2020)

Deaths involving COVID-19 by local area and socioeconomic deprivation (Office for National Statistics, 1st May 2020)

Coronavirus: Twice as many Covid-19 deaths in Wales’ poorer areas (BBC News, 1st May 2020)

Impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable children in temporary accommodation in the UK (The Lancet, 1st May 2020)

Coronavirus: Black African deaths three times higher than white Britons – study (BBC News, 1st May 2020)

Calls for health funding to be prioritised as poor bear brunt of Covid-19 (The Guardian, 1st May 2020)

UK coronavirus deaths: People in poorest areas of England and Wales twice as likely to die from Covid-19 as in more affluent regions (iNews, 1st May 2020)

Higher COVID-19 death rate and economic hardship for ethnic minorities (London School of Economics, 1st May 2020)

Covid-19 death rate ‘more than double’ in most deprived areas (ITV News, 1st May 2020)

COVID-19: Together examines the human rights implications of UK Government’s crisis response (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights, 1st May 2020)

Coronavirus: locking the over 70’s away? (Cloisters Chambers, 1st May 2020)

Deprived areas hit hardest in UK by pandemic (Financial Times, 1st May 2020)

The Pandemic is Changing How It Feels to Be Free (Novara Media, 1st May 2020)

Why I’m fighting for an independent public inquiry into the Covid-19 deaths of people of colour (Gal Dem, 30th April 2020)

Coronavirus: Disabled benefit claimants tell MPs how crisis has hit them hard (Disability News Service, 30th April 2020)

Trans people are clapped, you just don’t listen (Lumpen, 29th April 2020)

Coronavirus has made it even easier to forget about disabled people (The Guardian, 29th April 2020)

Poverty and Inequality Commission: Our role in understanding Covid-19’s impact (Policy Scotland, 28th April 2020)

Risky business: Economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis on different groups of workers (Resolution Foundation, 28th April 2020)

Disabled people left off coronavirus vulnerable list tell of struggles (The Guardian, 27th April 2020)

Death wasn’t supposed to be in the job description for ethnic minority key workers (Gal Dem, 27th April 2020)

‘London is so strange and sad’: the sacked hospitality workers sleeping rough (The Guardian, 27th April 2020)

Sisters Uncut Statement on COVID-19 (Sisters Uncut, 27th April 2020)

Days of Deliveroo during COVID-19 (Lumpen, 27th April 2020)

As the world washes its hands of the stateless, they risk facing COVID-19 alone (Open Democracy, 27th April 2020)

UK coronavirus response utterly hypocritical, says UN poverty expert (The Guardian, 26th April 2020)

COVID-19 exposes failures to tackle violence against women in BME communities (Transforming Society, 25th April 2020)

BAME doctors hit worse by lack of PPE (British Medical Association, 24th April 2020)

Facing coronavirus while deaf and blind: ‘Everything relies on touch’ (ABC News, 23rd April 2020)

We must protect human rights in the coronavirus crisis (Learning Disability Wales, 23rd April 2020)

Coronavirus: Hancock refuses to publish treatment guidance (Disability News Service, 23rd April 2020)

Coronavirus: Supermarkets face ‘biggest class action of its kind’ over discrimination claims (Disabled People Against the Cuts, 23rd April 2020)

US Disability Groups Push for Equality in Covid-19 Response (Human Rights Watch, 22nd April 2020)

COVID-19 shines a red light on sex workers’ lack of protection in Europe (Open Democracy, 22nd April 2020)

‘Every abuser is more volatile’: the truth behind the shocking rise of domestic violence killings (The Guardian, 22nd April 2020)

David lives in a care home – locked inside a crisis, and terrified. We can do better (The Guardian, 22nd April 2020)

Coronavirus: Somali diaspora sends home stories of woe (BBC News, 21st April 2020)

The UK Government’s guidance on combating coronavirus in care homes is inconsistent with WHO standards (Doughty Street Chambers, 21st April 2020)

The plight of Europe’s disabled under coronavirus (EU Observer, 21st April 2020)

Homelessness and COVID-19: the reality behind the promises (Transforming Society, 20th April 2020)

Coronavirus exposes how riddled Britain is with racial inequality (The Guardian, 20th April 2020)

Covid-19, prison crowding, and release policies (British Medical Journal, 20th April 2020)

‘Seen and Unherded’ Coronavirus video diary by disabled artist and activist (Penny Pepper, Facebook, 20th April 2020)

Disability Rights During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Launch of the COVID-19 Disability Rights Monitor (20th April 2020)

Can a virus undermine human rights? (The Lancet, 20th April 2020)

More BAME people are dying from coronavirus. We have to know why (The Guardian, 19th April 2020)

Coronavirus ethnicity data must be published now, says Sadiq Khan (The Guardian, 19th April 2020)

UK care homes body estimates 4,000 residents died from coronavirus (The Guardian, 19th April 2020)

Disabled people left off coronavirus vulnerable list go without food (The Guardian, 19th April 2020)

Stop saying ‘we’re all in this together.’ You have money. It’s not the same (The Washington Post, 18th April 2020)

BME nurses ‘feel targeted’ to work on Covid-19 wards (Nursing Times, 17th April 2020)

Covid-19 Does Not Discriminate by Body Weight (Wired, 17th April 2020)

Coronavirus: Legal action seeks clarity on disabled people’s right to treatment (Disability News Service, 16th April 2020)

Coronavirus is hitting BAME communities hard on every front (The Conversation, 15th April 2020)

You clap for me now – but give it a few months and it’ll be racism as usual (The Independent, 15th April 2020) (paywall)

Britain has a hidden coronavirus crisis – and it’s shaped by inequality (The Guardian, 15th April 2020)

Vulnerability and disadvantage in times of COVID-19 (Transforming Society, 14th April 2020)

Why Coronavirus Is Killing African-Americans More Than Others: Higher rates of infection and death among minorities demonstrate the racial character of inequality in America (NY Times, 14th April 2020)

Coronavirus is not the ‘great equalizer’ – race matters (University of Toronto, 8th April 2020)

Lockdown has laid bare Britain’s class divide (The Guardian, 7th April 2020)

The impact of COVID-19 is all down to inequality (Open Democracy, 7th April 2020)

COVID-19, school closures, and child poverty: a social crisis in the making (The Lancet, 7th April 2020)

What the Racial Data Show: The pandemic seems to be hitting people of color the hardest (The Atlantic, 6th April 2020)

Some elderly and disabled people may be culled, yet the queen will keep on going (The Canary, 5th April 2020)

Arundhati Roy: ‘The pandemic is a portal’ (Financial Times, 3rd April 2020)

Covid-19: No one seems to know how to help people with mental health problems during lockdown (British Medical Journal blog, 3rd April 2020)

How Covid-19 has exposed inequalities in the UK food system: The case of UK food and poverty (Emerald Open Research, 3rd April 2020)

Coronavirus: migrants in frontline jobs not entitled to any financial help if they get sick (The Conversation, 2nd April 2020)

The Racial Time Bomb in the Covid-19 Crisis (NY Times, 1st April 2020)

Covid-19 Food Insecurity Briefing (Poverty and Inequality Commission, April 2020)

Disability rights must not be a casualty of COVID-19 (Voluntary Organisations Disability Group, April 2020)

Safeguarding, adolescents and Coronavirus – Contextual Safeguarding during lockdown (Contextual Safeguarding Network, 31st March 2020)

COVID-19 and immigration detention in the USA: time to act (The Lancet, 31st March 2020)

Low-paid women in UK at ‘high risk of coronavirus exposure’ (The Guardian, 29th March 2020)

The COVID-19 response must be disability inclusive (The Lancet, 27th March 2020)

COVID-19 Law Puts Rights of People with Disabilities at Risk (Human Rights Watch, 26th March 2020)

COVID-19: critical care guide updated amid fears for people with learning disabilities (Nursing Standard, 25th March 2020)

COVID-19 and the consequences of isolating the elderly (The Lancet, 19th March 2020)

The coronavirus fallout may be worse for women than men. Here’s why (World Economic Forum, 12th March 2020)

Coronavirus poses an increased risk to LGBT+ people for three significant reasons, health chiefs say (Pink News, 12th March 2020)

Coronavirus hits ill and disabled people hardest, so why is society writing us off? (The Guardian, 11th March 2020)


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